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the Need for sterilization of the masks prior to their use due to the fact that inner surface in contact with mucous membranes of a person. So, disinfection using radiation means the total destruction of all harmful microorganisms.

the Company “Sterion” has processed the first batch of products in the amount of 92 thousand Enterprise urgently translated c on a two-shift clock mode that allows to process up to 10 million masks per week, reported the press service of “RusAtom of Chelsea” (the company-integrator of Rosatom state Corporation in the field of radiation technologies in medicine and industry).

According to Director General of Rosatom state Corporation Alexey Likhachev, sterilization using radiation technologies provides guaranteed security processed health care products, which is especially important in the context of the current pandemic coronavirus.

In the coming days to work on sterilization connects JSC “Institute of physical chemistry them. L. Y. Karpov” (included in the control loop “RusAtom of Chelsea”), which planned to sterilize up to 3 million masks a week.

“the work has already attracted other enterprises engaged in the sterilization of medical devices”, — said the CEO of an integrator of Rosatom in the field of radiation technologies in medicine and industry, JSC “RusAtom of Chelsea” Alexander Shibanov.

in 2016 the company “Sterion” provides services for sterilization of medical products. Working methods allow the company to safely conduct the sterilization, do not unpack the products previously packaged by manufacturers in a cardboard shipping box. The center also treated with dressings, cotton wool, disposable underwear and other products.