Thousands of Russians have bought insurance against coronavirus

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Insurance coronavirus has already acquired a few thousand inhabitants of Russia. About Moscow 24, told the insurance.

“insurance Program from the coronavirus appeared in March, – said the representatives of the insurance company “Arsenal”. – Today it is already used by several thousand people.” The presence of chronic diseases on the cost of insurance in the company is not affected, but it is not issued on children under one year and people older than 60 years.

the company “Alfa insurance” has developed several programs for detection of the COVID-19 one-time payment. “We see great demand from customers since the first days of launch. One of them has already insured more than two thousand people”, – said the representative of the company. The sum insured can range from 20 thousand to one million rubles, depending on the period of diagnosis of coronavirus and course of the disease.

as of April 2, the insurance company “Soglasie” has signed more than 200 contracts of insurance against coronavirus. About the launch of a similar product has previously announced the company “Tinkoff Insurance.”

General Director of the Interregional Union of medical insurers Dmitry Kuznetsov believes that the advisability of purchasing such insurance, each person sets for themselves. According to Kuznetsov, the insurance company assessed the probability of occurrence of events and found it possible to offer this product to the public.

“How important it is or is not important is like life insurance in General, – the expert believes. – This type of insurance is close to accident insurance. As well as program upon the occurrence of oncological diseases”.

“Now we are surrounded by a lot of numbers on the coronavirus, and how to interpret them is a personal choice,” – said Kuznetsov.

In recent days in Russia confirmed 771 new cases of coronavirus infection, 595 of them in the capital. The day he diedlo 6 patients, three in Moscow and one in Moscow region. For the entire period in Russia recorded 30 deaths.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement in the capital to prevent large-scale spread of the coronavirus. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy.

the people of Moscow are allowed to walk the dog, empty the trash or get to work. It is necessary to keep distance with other people in 1.5 meters. Such measures are also introduced in the suburbs, and then in other regions of Russia.

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