Under one condition

Stormy Daniels (41) should be more widely known to the masses than in connection with US President Donald Trump (73) more than through her engagement in erotic films. The erotic actress made an alleged affair with Trump from 2006 public in 2018, which was followed by a hush money scandal and several lawsuits. Now Stephanie Clifford, so Daniel's real name, is trying something completely new for her: she becomes a superhero in a comic book series. This is reported, among other things, "The New York Times" .

According to the publisher TidalWave Comics, the multi-part series "Stormy Daniels: Space Force", which is due to be released in autumn, is a "rapid action and adventure series" with a mixture of "Barbarella", "Star Trek" and "Stripperella" . "Of course it's all satirical," Daniels told Reuters. The American, however, made a condition of the creators: she didn't want to be portrayed as stupid in the comics. To judge them like this would be "a serious mistake". Daniels said, "Because as soon as I stand in the door, I kick everyone in the room in the butt."



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