Well that’s a surprise! Although Laura Müller and her dance partner Christian Polanc took 6th place in the final bill of Let’s Dance and thus did not move into the grand finale on Friday, the two will make their comeback there on Friday. Laura Müller has now published this gratifying message on Instagram.

Laura Müller together with her dance partner Christian Polanc on “Let’s Dance” undoubtedly surprised all of her critics. The young Laura worked hard on herself and thanks to the professional help of dance partner Christian she continued to develop and missed the semifinals. The audience of the show voted Laura in sixth place. Laura cut far better than her partner Michael Wendler, who had already participated in the dance show. But now Laura and Christian are returning to the show on time for the grand finale.

Because at the grand finale, the couple can stand on the dance floor again. “See you again on Friday! The Let’s Dance Finale is getting closer, ”wrote young Laura on her Instagram profile. “Of course I keep my fingers crossed for all three finalists and I want everyone to win! May the better one win! But once again I will be able to perform again on the ‘Let’s Dance’ floor and am looking forward to my favorite dance. ”So apparently Laura can really show her skills again. Which dance the couple will perform is not yet known. In any case, Laura’s fans are already looking forward to the appearance of the influencer.

“Nice to see you again. I thought you developed very well and did very well, ”writes a user on Instagram and many other followers also pay great respect to Laura for her performance in the dance show.



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