Because of Corona

Filming for the seventh season of the ARD series “Tierärztin Dr. Mertens ”started on May 12, 2024 in and around Leipzig. "The film is shot in compliance with strict hygiene and clearance rules," says the sender. This is what Sven Martinek (56) aka Dr. Christoph Lentz a new scene partner for the intimate moments. Because because of Corona, Martinek is currently not allowed to have his series partner Elisabeth Lanz (48) alias Dr. Kiss Susanne Mertens. Instead, he comes close to his girlfriend Bianca Rütter on camera.

The actor told the “Bild” newspaper about the special circumstances: “If only one of the team falls ill with Corona, we immediately stop shooting. And since at 'Veterinarian Dr. Mertens' in the last six episodes is particularly about closeness and love, my friend Bianca Rütter steps in as a double for Elisabeth Lanz when it comes to kissing and 'more'. The whole thing has one advantage: we don't have to rehearse anymore. ”The shooting will continue until July 29, 2024.



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