Petrus is still spoiling the whole of Germany with sunny and warm weather. But this weekend could be at least temporarily over. Then, if the meteorologists are right, there could be heavy cloud cover and local rainfall. Here are the prospects for the weekend.

At the moment all of Germany is being spoiled by the weather god. Almost everywhere there is brilliant sunshine with a deep blue sky and pleasant temperatures. Only strong gusts of wind cloud the imperial weather for short moments. “Dry air masses have been flowing in from Northern Scandinavia for four weeks – these are the driest air masses that we have in Germany,” confirms a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD). Hoch Odilo still ensures bright spring weather. But at the weekend the weather is supposed to change dramatically. Temperatures will drop and there will also be rain.

At the weekend, the early summer weather is interrupted for the time being. Because more and more clouds are gathering. Especially in the north, east and on the edge of the Alps, the DWD warns of heavier cloud cover. However, the risk of rain is very low. However, temperatures will definitely go back. In the northeast the maximum temperatures drop to 15 degrees, in the rest of the country a maximum of 23 degrees is reached. The cooler weather is expected to continue over the course of the next week, even if there won’t be much rain. In any case, the DWD does not see any striking danger at the moment.


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