TV presenter Guido Maria Kretschmer is in deep sadness. The well-known star designer of the TV show “Shopping Queen” has lost three loved ones to Covid-19 since the outbreak of the contagious corona virus. Therefore, he now has an urgent request to his fellow human beings.

Star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (54) has now made a sad confession in an RTL interview. Since the crisis of the highly contagious corona virus began, Kretschmer had to cope with the death of three loved ones.

“I lost three people I knew well, including a friend. And that’s difficult, then it gets a completely different face, ”explains the star designer. In particular, the death of his friend Jörn Kubicki († 54), the partner of Berlin’s former mayor Klaus Wowereit, hit hard. “His death really hurt because I loved him so much. Because you think, ‘it can’t be that Jörn is no longer there’. Because he was such a brave, free, funny person, ”Kretschmer is shocked.

The death of a friend from Spain, who had worked there as the director of a hotel, was particularly surprising for Kretschmer. “He was healthy, that’s crazy too. He had no previous illnesses and was in his early 50s. Then that takes on a completely different dimension, ”says the 54-year-old. In addition, the mother of an Italian model he was friends with died of infection with the corona virus.

“These are the stories you have to tell,” says Kretschmer, who is at the same time stunned by the behavior of some people. “I have just read now that people are already there, where the easing is such that some are already completely freaked out.” These people would even have agreed to meet and celebrate.

An absurdity for Kretschmer and the reason to make a clear appeal to his fellow human beings: “Crazy, they should pull their straps. That is the most important thing! ”It will be interesting to see whether the people are reasonable enough so that the virus does not spread again after the loosening has now taken place.


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