While the corona virus crisis in Germany now seems to be easing somewhat, politicians are making various suggestions as to how the financial losses suffered during the crisis can be alleviated somewhat. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey is now bringing in an extra payment for families because of the Corona crisis. According to a proposal by the SPD politician, the families should receive a one-time bonus of 300 euros per child.

The SPD politician explained her plan to the magazine “Wir”. “I want a family bonus: 300 euros once for free disposal for each child.” This proposal should not only help families, but also set a “strong economic stimulus”. So far, however, the minister has not commented on whether there are any concrete plans for her proposal. The Ministry of Family has not released any details in response to an official request. It is not yet clear whether the first steps towards implementing Giffey’s proposal have already been taken.

According to the Minister’s proposal, the data of the

Federal Statistical Office calculates the cost of implementing the project. There are eight million families with children throughout Germany, of which at least four million families have two children or more. A planned payment of 300 euros per child would result in an expected cost of around three and a half billion euros. In an interview with the “We”, Giffey also called for the daycare centers to return to normal operation as soon as possible, although this was at the discretion of the federal states. “Those responsible in the federal states and municipalities have to decide which easing measures are acceptable and which are not yet,” Giffey explained the current situation.



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