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For Frank Elstner (78) it is time to say goodbye: The TV legend, known from iconic formats such as “Wetten, dass ..?”, “Die Montagagsmaler” and “Do you understand fun?”, Wants to withdraw from the show business. On June 12th, his last talk show project “Wetten, das wars ..?”, Will be published by Netflix and will welcome his young colleagues Joko Winterscheidt (41) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (36).

The show is a kind of farewell gift to the fans. “A conversation is not a boxing match. It’s not about winning. Rather, it is a gift. And this show is my last one to you, ” Elstner explains in an interview with the“ Bild ”newspaper . In 2019, he made public that he had Parkinson’s. But his TV pension had nothing to do with that. “Thank God, Parkinson’s doesn’t limit my life right now. Hopefully, what will win the race in the end, age or Parkinson’s, will remain exciting for a long time to come! ”Explains Elstner. Before the presenter legend, some other well-known colleagues have already voluntarily ended their successful careers.

Few shaped the German television landscape with their humor as much as Stefan Raab (53). The all-round talent said goodbye in 2015 completely unexpectedly and said goodbye to his active role in front of the cameras. “I decided to give up my TV shoes at the end of this year.” After more than 16 years as a home and farm supplier of countless success shows – including “TV total” or the “Wok World Championship” – for ProSieben Enough. According to Raab, the broadcaster had tried to delay the farewell with a multi-year contract extension, but the entertainer still wanted to leave.

But Raab hasn’t completely disappeared from the television cosmos – even if he no longer presents himself. With his production company Raab TV, he still provides entertainment. The entertainer recently launched the “Free ESC” as a replacement for the Eurovision Song Contest, which was canceled due to the corona crisis. “If it seems to be the only solution to a crisis, giving up is the best time for something new to be born,” Raab told ProSieben. The inventor show “Thing of the Year” is also an idea of the once blasphemy.

A year earlier, comedian, actor and presenter Hape Kerkeling (55) confirmed that he would largely withdraw from the TV business. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper in October 2014, he explained : “But four or five years ago, as a precaution, I said that I would no longer host major shows from the age of 50.” But he wanted this farewell “ don’t dramatize at all. My decision doesn’t mean that I may not be making another film. Or write a book. ”

Nothing had been planned at this point in time, but as Kerkeling had carefully indicated, it should also happen. Among other things, his books “Ich bin mal mal” (2006) and “The boy has to be breathed fresh” (2014) with a whole range of German actors – including Diana Amft (44), Sönke Möhring (47), Martina Gedeck (58) and Devid Striesow (46) – filmed. In addition, Kerkeling also lent his voice to the character Olaf, a snowman, in the animation successes “Frozen – Completely brazen” and “Frozen II”.

Today, cooking programs have become an integral part of German television and one in particular made the corresponding formats in vogue: Alfred Biolek (85). Over the years, the talkmaster and cookbook author had a chat with prominent guests in “alfredissimo!” About life and favorite dishes – and prepared a dish that should encourage the masses to cook. Previously, Biolek had drawn attention primarily as a talkmaster. The “Kölner Treff”, which is moderated today by Bettina Böttinger (63), among others, goes back to an idea by Biolek, who first led the show in 1976 alongside Dieter Thoma (1927-2017). From 1991 to 2003, a total of 485 episodes of the legendary “Boulevard Bio” were broadcast, in which the late Chancellor Helmut Kohl (1930-2017) celebrated his first appearance on a TV entertainment program in 1996.

Biolek took the TV hat in 2006, but he still seems to be a connoisseur today. Just recently, “Bio”, as fans often like to call it, told the magazine “Frau im Wir” that he was looking forward to visiting friends when the Corona crisis would hopefully be over soon. He wanted to go to the cafe, eat cheesecake and read the newspaper. “However, we are not back to normal and the mood is still depressing. But we seem to be on the right track. ”He was not afraid of the virus itself, he was“ too old ”for it.

Michael Schanze (73) used to be known primarily as a moderator and singer. The Bavarian, born in formats such as “1, 2 or 3” and “Flitterabend”, is unforgettable. Well over twenty years ago, however, Schanze decided to change the stage and switched to the theater.

“I knew that I could do more than do a decent downstairs show,” said the now 73-year-old in summer 2019 to the “stern” . “At the turn of the millennium, I decided with complete conviction to take this capital course.” Since then, Schanze has been seen in the musical “Kiss Me, Kate” in Bonn, among others. Incidentally, only his banker regretted this step. “The theater is not a mass medium, and the big fees have been legendary ever since. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with life as I can now lead it. ”



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