Galkin explained the popularity of the jokes about Putin

In an interview with Galkin said that was doing political satire for a long time, so it was a surprise that the joke that “Putin is not a name but a position” to cause such interest.

“I Think that Vladimir Vladimirovich has noticed that from the first year of his presidency I do it like did and Boris Nikolaevich”, — said the showman.

According to Galkin, political humor in recent times less and less, and in the neighboring country’s head of state has suddenly become a comedian.

“Probably because of these two factors is about I remembered that part of society, which until then was simply not aware of what I do”, – shared his point of view a comedian.

Earlier, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in an interview with journalist Andrei Vandenko in the project Agency TASS commented on the joke Galkina on the office of the President of Russia. “The man who has no posts, can joke as you like,” said the head of state.

the Comedian joked about Putin during a concert in Novosibirsk in October last year. Video presentation was posted on the Internet. Galkin noted that the Russians are already thinking, “what the job itself is called Putin. And Putin can be only Putin”.

in addition, in the course of his speech, he said on Russian television, there is censorship that provoked a stir online and among colleagues Galkin.

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