Who wins the model crown?

The 15th season of “Germany’s next top model” is about to end. On May 21 (8:15 p.m. live on ProSieben) it will be shown who will climb the model throne and make it onto the cover of the German “Harper’s Bazaar”. A young model has already established itself as a favorite on social media.

Jacky (21) would be high on the podium next Thursday in terms of the number of Instagram followers. It is followed by 209,000 subscribers. The veterinary specialist and nature and animal lover from the Rheingau-Taunus district won two jobs in the current season and regularly scored points with Heidi Klum (46) with her natural way.

Sarah P. (20) from Vorau, Austria, is closely following Jacky: 196,000 subscribers on Instagram are following her path at “GNTM”. The dental assistant grew up on a farm and wants to use “GNTM” as a springboard “to get started as a model. I also always wanted to travel and I want to build a career with it, ”she said in an interview with ProSieben . Her big dream is to model for Victoria’s Secret. At “GNTM” she got a job.

Sarah’s Austrian colleague Maureen (20) has 155,000 subscribers on Instagram. The student from Vienna with Nigerian roots got the big jobs of Sephora and Levi’s in the season with her positive charisma. Your mission at the casting show? “I want to bring changes to ‘GNTM’ and show that it doesn’t matter what you look like and that you can achieve your dreams, even if hardly anyone believes in you.”

Lijana (24) from Kassel has to clearly defeat her “GNTM” colleagues in terms of social media reach: They are “only” followed by around 71,000 followers. Lijana studies primary school teaching and has Ugandan roots. She is a family man and the youngest of five siblings. At “GNTM” she was able to convince Heidi Klum with her ambition, but she often caused discussions among her fellow campaigners. She has a job on her account, she ran on the catwalk for Kilian Kerner. Why does she want to take the “GNTM” crown home with her in the end? “I want to be ‘Germany’s next top model’ 2024 because I love being in front of the camera and on stage to inspire and inspire people.”



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