Recipe for allergy sufferers

"Hey everyone, […] I wanted to share a recipe for a vegan, gluten-free cherry cake without eggs with you," says US singer Pink (40, "What About Us") in a clip on Instagram . In it, she also directly reveals the reason for her recipe idea, "because my dear boy Jamo has pretty bad food allergies, as it turns out." Of course, this means her son Jameson (3), whom she has together with motocross driver Carey Hart (44). The couple also have daughter Willow (8).

The family found out about the allergies after having blood tests done on Covid-19. The singer had tested positive a few weeks ago and donated $ 500,000 to a hospital emergency fund in Philadelphia. Jameson is allergic to wheat, dairy products and eggs.

Since Pink had a cherry tree in the garden and couldn't find any good recipes, she just made one up for herself. For the bottom or the crust, take vegan graham crackers – i.e. special American cookies – and melted vegan butter, and mix the whole thing together.

"I know some of you out there have to throw up a little bit now, but believe me, they are delicious – and they might even be better than the normal ones," Pink jokes about the cookies. The filling of her cake consists of fresh cherries, coconut yogurt – a vegan alternative to yogurt – and vanilla extract and brown sugar.



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