For which of Heidi Klums (46) girls should episode 13 of the current “Germany’s next top model” season confirm that this is truly an unlucky number? At the beginning of the episode, everything indicated Candidate Larissa, who was washed by client Dyson’s head, which was much too curly, before she failed at the high altitude shoot. Your luck: In the person of the self-proclaimed “cool sock” Vivian, there was a young model who delivered even less – and ended up having to walk home in a Pussycat Doll outfit.

Far more than Vivian’s tearful departure, however, a newly-flared super dispute sticks in the mind, triggered by brazen perm theft. For the customer Dyson, the models were supposed to turn into curly heads, but Larissa experienced her personal Waterloo.

Once, not paying attention, Jacky had already stolen the high-tech hair curler, Larissa complained. The other girls and especially Jacky felt their anger – “if looks could kill …” When the accused got the job thanks to the stupid dream tresses, while Larissa was even reprimanded for her straight hair, the former friends finally mutated into enemies.

The hairy conflict should run through the entire episode. The next act took place during the shoot, in which the young models should plunge as elegantly as possible from a height of five meters – well secured, of course.

For Larissa’s only ally, Lijana, who had also fallen out with Jacky and claims to be suffering from a huge fear of heights, a nightmare: “I have a real problem today. I’m flying out this week. I can’t be high! ”Spoiler alarm: Didn’t have it, didn’t, it could and consequently made it to the next round quite easily.

It was astonishing that both Larissa and Lijana had found the reason for their fluctuating performances in an argument with Jacky. Tamara even let herself be carried away by a nasty saying: “Larissa is a victim. Larissa is the Chihuahua of Lijana. ”

Unfortunate raven Vivian had even finished her life at the high altitude shoot. “If I die today, I want a pink tombstone with glitter,” she called to Heidi with shaky knees. The inscription? “Vivian was a cool sock.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t cool enough for a nice free-fall photo.

At the end of the episode, the candidates had to discover their lascivious side. In the best Pussycat-Doll manner and tight lacquer and leather clothes, it was a matter of diligently letting your hips circle. And after the first drying exercises even in the presence of Nicole Scherzinger (41) personally! A challenge especially for the “shy mouse” Sarah P. – because “she also had struggle with her confidence earlier”, Tamara said bilingually.

Said Tamara, on the other hand, had no problem with this, in the end even got certified by Scherzinger and Klum to have been the best young pussycat – which the competition was reluctant to hear. In any case, the preview for the next episode shows: The cuddly kittens are increasingly extending their claws.


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