Musician Joey Kelly (47) started the “24h Kelly Corona Challenge” on the TVNOW YouTube channel on Thursday morning at 8 a.m. His plan: stay active for 24 hours and perform 24 different sports – without a break and everything at home. Prominent colleagues such as “Let’s Dance” judge Motsi Mabuse (39), volleyball player Julius Brink (37), ex-football official Reiner Calmund (71) and athlete Lars Riedel (52) also want to participate.

Joey Kelly is not only a musician, but also a passionate athlete. The “The Kelly Family” member lives with his family on a huge farm in Lohmar near Cologne. Kelly wants to use the space and the extra time to collect donations for children affected by the corona crisis as quickly as possible. “I can’t just sit around in my yard. I want to help and do what I do best: collect crazy money for children in need with crazy challenges, ”says Kelly. “I am happy about everyone who not only donates, but also participates at home and supports me with it.”

We started with the cross trainer this morning at 8:00 a.m. The sports discipline is changed every hour, other celebrities join in via live video on various disciplines. Olympic champion Kristina Vogel (29) supports tandem skiing, Motsi Mabuse with the virtual dance lesson. Then Kelly went on the rowing machine, hay bales were driven around, a tightrope was stretched and soccer was played on the goal wall. The challenge runs until 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning in the YouTube livestream. Donations can be made via the “RTL – We help children” website.


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