Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn are the most successful magician duo in the world and only known worldwide as Siegfried and Roy. Roy Horn has now died at the age of 75 from the complications of an infection with Covid-19. Schlager legend Heino mourns the loss of a good friend and says goodbye to the entertainer with wife Hannelore in a tearful statement at RTL.

A few days ago, Roy Horn’s illness with the dangerous corona virus was known. Now the magician has finally lost the fight against the disease. “Roy’s death makes both of us very sad. With Roy, a really good friend of ours has gone. We spoke to Siegfried only 3 days ago, who sounded depressed but was full of hope! Our thoughts are with Roy’s family and, of course, especially with Siegfried. ”Heino explains with his Hannelore at RTL. Most recently, the hit star had met the two entertainers on his 80th birthday, which the singer had celebrated in the USA.

The gay magician duo has been retiring in the United States for several years. The two had previously conquered the United States with their incredible success story. In 1988 the two magicians received a lucrative contract with the Mirage Hotel, where they were allowed to perform their shows from 1990. At $ 57.5 million, it was said to have been the most valuable contract in the entire entertainment industry. For many years, her show was an absolute highlight for many tourists in Las Vegas. The duo’s success story ends with a heavy blow. When appearing in October 2003, Roy Horn was seriously injured by a white tiger on the show. Since this incident, Horn has been paralyzed on one side and had to undergo multiple operations.

Since this stroke of fate, his friend Siegfried has looked after his friend all these years to this day. “When we first met, I knew that Roy and I would change the world together. There would have been no Siegfried without Roy and no Roy without Siegfried, ”Siegfried writes in a mourning message in the“ New York Times ”.



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