For celebrities who are in the public eye, separation is always risky. Because especially in show business there is always the fear that things will come to light that are actually not intended for the public. But after the unexpected lightning separation from Germany’s dream couple Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen, it remained remarkably quiet.

None of the former partners reported any real details. Today, both only talk about the fact that one had broken up as friends. Unusual, since Helene had already found a successor for Florian at the time of the separation. And none other than her dancer Thomas Seitel. But over the past year, there has been another separation in Helen Fischer’s life. This time it was her “Creative Director” Cale Kalay, the creative planner of her numerous shows. And he now talks about the almost ten-year collaboration with the hit queen until the two ended their collaboration in 2019.

Now Kalay had an invitation as a talk guest on the show “The Late Night Max Show” by moderator Maximilian Mann. Since Kalay was a blank slate for many viewers, moderator Mann rolled out the story of Cale. The successful Cale came to Germany from Serbia and started his dream of dancing with a carnival dance troupe. For moderator Mann apparently a reason to make a little fun of his guest. But Kalay immediately pointed out to the moderator that, in his experience, it was precisely these dance groups that would perform “acrobatic top performances”. During this time he also learned a lot, because a lot of effort and organizational talent was needed in these groups. These qualities would have helped him a lot in his work with Helene Fischer. At least the hit queen should have been surprised that her former “creative director” learned the basics of dancing with a carnival group.



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