When driving the dog run over by a drunk driver! Motorists hurling from the left turn directly into a passer-by with two dogs! The car hits the man and rolls over him – the fire brigade has to free the seriously injured under the vehicle, a dog dies.

A tragic accident, which a dog had to pay for with his life and brought the owner seriously injured to the clinic, occurred on Thursday evening in the Lower Saxony district of Wesermarsch. A driver came from Övelgönne with his car. Shortly after leaving the town, the L855 makes a sharp left turn. However, the driver missed this, drove instead into a bend path and there the accident happened.

A man was standing next to his car with two dogs. Not only did the approaching driver touch the parked vehicle and hurled it against a tree, but he also ran over the pedestrian and probably hit at least one of the four-legged friends. Then the accident vehicle also hurled towards trees. Unfortunately, the pedestrian got stuck under the car. The fire department moved in and freed the seriously injured with heavy technical equipment. For one of his dogs, however, any help came too late, he still succumbed to his serious injuries. The other dog was so startled that he ran away.

After completing the rescue work and transporting the seriously injured and the slightly injured person who caused the accident to a hospital, the task force started again. They used their energy to search for the missing dog. For this, a special drone was even requested, which is normally used to search for missing persons. However, there are currently no signs of where the animal may be. As the police have announced, the polluter was under the influence of alcohol. The runaway dog has now emerged unharmed and is back home.



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