As Marshall Eriksen, Jason Segel (40) played in the hearts of all fans of the US sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM). After nine seasons, 2014 was over. Since then, the 40-year-old has only taken on a few roles and his first children’s book, “Nightmares! – The horrors of the night ”, published. Now Jason Segel returns to the series world.

Jason Segel presented “Dispatches from Elsewhere” in Germany at this year’s Berlinale in February. In the US, the episodes began broadcasting on AMC in early March. Sailing is not just one of the main roles. He created the series and also acts as a producer.

The anthology drama focuses on four ordinary people who feel that something is missing in their lives. However, they cannot say exactly what that is. A riddle that is hidden in their daily grind finally brings them together. Through the challenges of the mysterious messages from somewhere, a world full of possibilities and magic opens up before your eyes. Because the secret is hidden even deeper than they imagined.

Jason Segel has top-class support on camera. The main cast includes Oscar winner Sally Field (73, “Norma Rae – A woman is her husband”) as Janice Foster and Oscar-nominated Richard E. Grant (63, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”) As Octavio Coleman. André Benjamin (44), better known as André 3000 from the hip hop duo Outkast (“Ms. Jackson”), can be seen as an intelligent and paranoid Fredwynn. Eve Lindley (27) plays Simone, a trans woman who is looking for a way out of her feelings of isolation.

In an interview with “Deadline” , Jason Segel did not rule out a second season at the end of April. However, there are no concrete plans yet. In the series, Segel also processes very personal experiences.

The first season, Dispatches from Elsewhere, will be available exclusively on Prime Video from May 8th.


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