How Moscow lives in the mode of self-isolation

What are the rules of isolation are in Moscow

the Correspondent of the TV channel Moscow 24 Maria Valiyev spoke about the situation in the capital under restrictions imposed because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

In the district of Ostozhenka and Gogolevsky Bulvar, where is the metro station “Kropotkinskaya”, people very little. Violators no: people going to or from work.

One of the residents of the city said that works in a hospital as a nurse and is sent home. Another girl said that once a week is obliged to appear at the office to sort out the paper letters. Mostly she works from home.

“Great, empty well. There are no traffic jams, nothing, little people. I work, go home,” – said the Muscovite. According to the woman, she’s a cleaner in a medical facility. A resident of the capital said that goes to work every day.

“I [work] in the fire and rescue the city center of Moscow. How to save people remotely?” admitted another Muscovite.

Cars on the little roads, public transport continues to drive, but passengers there is almost no. Inside there are signs calling to keep his distance.

the Correspondent of the TV channel said that with her in the subway car was driving four people. Another passenger reported that there were ten people and they all kept the necessary distance. The girl went to work.

Another woman said that the train was 10-20 people. People sit on one for long range, she explained.

the Reporter recalled that from the house you can go if you want to go to the supermarket, pharmacy, walk with Pets or taking out the trash. If certain products are not in the shop, you can use personal or public transportation, taxi or car sharing.

To the cottage to go, too, preferably somewhere samosogrevaetsya. Pass with QR codes in the near future in Moscow will not enter. In the case of using personal transport inspectors of traffic police can ask the purpose of the trip.

Residents are urged not to break the law of silence. The fines range from one to two thousand rubles.

Those who have returned from abroad are not permitted to leave their apartments. The same applies to contact with infected with a coronavirus, and those who treated him at home.

For violation of isolation is threatened with the penalty from four thousand roubles, at repeated – five thousand. For officials that continue to provide certain services, from 30 to 40 thousand, for legal entities – from 200 thousand.

In recent days in Russia revealed 1154 cases of infection COVID-19, 697 of them is in Moscow. 7497 people fell ill in Russia.

185 thousand people remain under medical observation in connection with the suspected infection. Just Russia held 795 thousand tests on COVID-19. According to who, the world recorded more than 1.21 million cases of infection, almost 67,6 thousand people died.

Vladimir Putin extended hours a week until the end of April c pay. The President added that if the situation in the country improves, that days can reduce.

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