Despite his 17 years, Iggi Kelly is also very concerned with profound and serious topics, such as the corona virus. During the lockdown he has a lot of time to think and also works on new music.

The offspring of Patricia Kelly told “I have been concerned with the corona virus for a long time. I regularly write songs on topics that concern me, that's why I also wrote the song “Everything will be OK”. “

He wants to set an example

Iggi Kelly is aware that not all people come out of the crisis lightly, many people in Germany are currently afraid of existence: "The song is about giving hope to people who have lost their jobs, have lost relatives or are mentally ill Are over. I just thought it was important to make a statement, also because I have a certain reach. ”

And further: "If you have a larger reach, you can, for example, collect donations for people who need it and make calls to educate people and inform them about the seriousness of the situation."


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