Mysterious post on Instagram

Lead actress Ruby Rose (34) turns her back on “Batwoman” after only one season – out of the blue, this news hit all fans of the comic series. For the first time since her decision, the actress has now expressed her sudden farewell on her official Instagram account . Your wording raises some questions. Was she forced to take this drastic step because of internal quarrels?

Rose writes about a video that shows her in various scenes as Kate Kane aka Batwoman: “It was not an easy decision, but everyone who knows why, knows why,” says the cryptic wording. “I stayed silent because that was my decision so far.” This statement suggests that in the indefinite future she may need more speech about her departure and the reasons for it.

Rose had repeatedly stressed how important the series and her role in “Batwoman” was. The title role is the first lesbian superhero with her own series, who was embodied in the person of Rose by a lesbian actress. To what extent this is included in the search for a suitable successor for Rose is not yet known.

A second season is planned for 2023. The production company expects to be able to take on the leading role again “in the coming months” , according to an article by “CNN” . In the series, Rose Kate, Kate Kane, has followed in the footsteps of her missing cousin Bruce Wayne aka Batman as Batwoman.



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