It became known as Kadyrov protect against coronavirus

the health Minister of the Chechen Republic Elkhan Suleymanov told the TV channel “Grozny”, as the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov to protect against infection with a coronavirus. Suleymanov noted that the range of contacts Kadyrov in connection with the pandemic is limited, and the condition of all who came to him, checking health care providers.

a Limited number of people who may come in contact with Kadyrov with symptoms of SARS. In places of entry to the Republic of physicians ‘ posts, which check the health status of persons traveling to a meeting with the Chechen leader.

Suleymanov added that at the moment officials can’t afford to go on vacation, and all heads of departments comply with the rules for combating coronavirus. “We would love to have gone on a two-week quarantine, but, unfortunately, I can’t afford it, and especially the head of the Republic, who almost on a regular basis addressing this problem”, – said the Minister.

At the moment we know about three cases of infection with coronavirus in Chechnya. This imported cases of the natives of the country previously come from Turkey and Saudi Arabia.