Muscovites have won 22 percent of the medals of the Russian team at Paralympic games

Photo credit: TASS/Vladimir Gerdo

Muscovites – winners of the XIX winter Paralympic games of 2019 and their coaches will receive a lump-sum payment. Such decision was accepted at session of Presidium of the government of Moscow.

Champions will receive bonus payments in the amount of four million rubles for each title, silver medalists – 2.5 million, bronze – 1.7 million rubles. Their coaches will receive payments in the amount of 50% of these amounts for each prize.

the Russian Team was represented by 78 athletes, of which there were 16 residents. They competed in five sporting disciplines. The results of the Games in the first place took the team of Russia, which account was 18 gold, 18 silver and 14 bronze medals. Muscovites have brought to the Treasury team 11 medals, including three gold, four silver and as many bronze medals.

Winners in the Games were 13 athletes from Moscow. Deaflympic Champions were Anna Carmelina and Nikita Goryachev (snowboard). Silver prize-winners became Elena Shagieva, Svetlana Tsedik (Curling), Alexey Ignatenko, Petr Lebedev and Stanislav Sokolov (snowboard). Bronze winners were Stanislav Sokolov, Eduard Galagan, Maria Kapustina (snowboard), Dmitry Bogdan, Rustam Gafurov, Leonid Foreigners and Roman Lukianov (hockey).

Deaflympics took place last year from 12th to 21st December. In Games took part 503 athletes from 33 countries. The competitions were held in disciplines such as Curling, skiing, snowboarding, hockey, skiing and chess.

Deaflympics – international sports competitions for people with hearing impairments. They are held under the auspices of the International Committee of deaf sports (ICSD). A distinctive feature of Games is that while they do not use sound signals. The participants of the Games it is forbidden to use hearing AIDS and special implants.

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