Italy outpaced China in the number of infected COVID-19

Photo: TASS/Andrea Fasani/EPA

the Number of infected by coronavirus in Italy has exceeded similar indicators of China, reports TASS.

the Number of infections in the Apennine Peninsula was 86498 people. Thus, in connection with the increase in recent days Italy has overtaken China, which recorded 81 340 cases of infection with coronavirus. Leader in the number of infected people is the USA, where they found 93 151 people suffering from coronavirus.

in addition, for the past 24 hours in the Apennine Peninsula died 969 people who have previously picked up an infection. The total number of deaths in Italy during the follow-up of 9134 case. On the second place in mortality from COVID-19 is Spain, where he died 4858 people. In China, for all the observations from the coronavirus died 3292 person.

Previously, Italy has refused to sign a document to combat the spread of coronavirus, was developed by leaders of the EU countries. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte stressed that his government does not need to have had in the past personalized protection mechanisms.

Russia has promised to assist Italy in the fight against coronavirus threat. In the framework of support to Italy flew 14 planes videoconferencing. Them on the Peninsula transported military virologists, epidemiologists, and medical equipment.

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