For almost two years, singer Jazzy Gudd (30) was one of the stars of the RTL2 reality soap opera “Berlin – Tag & Nacht”. As the singer Eule she looked for great luck in TV format and also published her music under the series name in real life.

Her debut album even made it to number 5 on the German album charts two years ago. Today, however, Jazzy Gudd has given up the name Eule and wants to really take off under her real name.


How many times are you still greeted as an owl?
Always actually. (laughs) The die-hard fans noticed that the name Eule had completely dropped and is only on the road as a Jazzy Gudd. The really blatant fans called me Jazzy before. It was something special for them. I think that made them feel a little different. But when I am somewhere and sign autographs, people still very often want the owl autograph.

Are you sometimes greeted with owl sounds?
Fortunately, this rarely happens. But that’s an inside running gag from the guys in my band or from friends. (laughs)

How did the name owl come about?
It’s a really good question. I got the name from the screenwriters of “Berlin – Tag & Nacht”. I think they just wanted a cool, extremely alternative nickname for my role. I asked afterwards and I was told that owl was originally the loner, the musician, who travels a lot in her small VW bus at night. Always traveling and always alone. As far as I know, owls are also not the most sociable animals. They travel a lot on their own – unless they are currently mating. (laughs)

That was probably the original idea, but it was never really told. But I was never allowed to say anything about it, because it was always kept open whether something was told about it. The name came to my mind, however, because I could also use owl as an artist name in real life and thus create the interface. So the people who saw me and my music in the series were able to find me faster. How many still deal with what actors in private life are actually called? The fewest! That’s why it was really cool.


Then why did you change your name?
Actually, I really like the name Owl and I also loved what I could give this character on the way. I got very involved on the musical level. The problem was that after my “Berlin Day & Night” trip I was only associated with it. By this I mean not only fans and potential listeners, but also many from the music industry: labels, organizers and other artists. Whenever my name came up, it was always said: “Isn’t that the green-haired woman from ‘Berlin – day and night’?” But that was totally derogatory. I always had the feeling that the time at BTN was so great that an extremely large number of stones were put in my way that I now have to get out of the way step by step.

It was important for me to make it clear that I already knew that they loved owl people – for what they knew from the show. But in the end I breathed life into owls. I wrote the songs. It’s not like I got something for free. That is already my job. RTL 2 just said: “We think that’s great, we jump in with it. We want to do that with you. ”Otherwise, the great amount of input came from my side. Owl is 1: 1 jazzy in terms of music. It was important to me that people realize this and that when they hear my name, people don’t always think of “Berlin day and night. But I also know that it will always be part of me.

Why did you drop out of “BTN” back then?
There were several reasons for this. For one thing, it was difficult to get the music under one hat with a daily soap. I really shot five days a week. You were always busy and then you have an exclusive contract. This also means that you were not allowed to do everything you want by contract. Everything happened only in this RTL2 haze and it was important to me to reach people beyond. But that was not so easy, because I couldn’t have gone to Pro7 or Sat1, because they say: “No, we don’t want them. It’s an RTL2 face. ”


That made it difficult for me to reach other people outside of RTL2 with my music. That was one of the main reasons. The time and creativity that you normally lacked in your music was often missing because you needed it to breathe life into a role every day. Even if I had a lot of fun and I have a certain talent, I have to say frankly that I am not an actress. First and foremost I am a musician and can imagine doing something in the acting field again, but not for centuries in a daily soap. I would also like to move on, make the jump and see what other options there are for me.

What you will probably be asked more often: Can you imagine participating again sometime? Funnily enough, they called and asked me. Currently not. I think that’s contradictory at the moment. I mean, I announced last year: there is no owl anymore. Giant final concert and, and, and … and now I’m jumping around again. I do not know. How credible am I then? So great time, but “Berlin Day & Night” is something that aims to keep you going longer. For a guest appearance, of course, maybe over a short period of time, a few weeks, three or four months on my own, but actually nothing more and not in the near future either.

One person from “Berlin Tag & Nacht” who catches your eye all the time is Anne Wunsch. Her children and her private life are always an issue. Do you follow that somehow? Are you in contact with her?
Well, I never got to know Anne’s wishes. She left before I came. With us there is no overlap. And yes, every now and then you happen to get something that is somehow being discussed. Funnily enough, Denise Temlitz, her ex’s new friend, is a former friend of mine, we were friends at school.

Are still cool with each other, but have no close contact. That’s why I get more information about what’s going on via this page. With the children and the father and Anne supposedly does something .. but frankly I’m not really interested. I’m not the type who would exploit this in public and I’m not too keen to see it all. Most of the time I briefly skim that and then devote myself to topics that I find rather exciting.

What is your new single “Okay” about?
So “Okay” is about a separation that I process, but also about people who somehow disappointed me a bit between people, so they weren’t there for me as I would have liked and somehow, such a piece also the feeling that you have to remain the tough strong that you are so often and not let this facade crumble. Such a little emotional chaos what came up in the songwriting session, because originally it was really about this topic “Hey you’re a strong girl, you can get over it quickly”, so larifari sayings, in which one is not serious feels taken.

That was the main topic. When the song was created, so much of the old relationship, the separation phase and general feelings flowed in naturally. Then I always thought to myself: “Why, just because I’m always strong and pulling through 90% of the time, why can’t I have weak moments?” This is the basic theme of the song.

This song comes from a very private matter, you said, it’s about the separation, how is it to hear and perform the song over and over again? Do you then gain distance or what is it like?
No, not distance, but it will be easier. I wrote the song last year in January and then I was on tour in March 2019 and I sang it there straight away because it was really important to me and I worked a lot with it and it was pretty blatant for me . Every time I sang the song, I also asked everyone to put their cell phones away because it was so full of soul striptease for me. I just didn’t want to have a cell phone held in my face all the time and it was awesome. There were a few moments when I really reached my limits.

Especially at the Cologne concert, my ex-boyfriend comes from Düsseldorf, and he was with his entire family on the first tour and a year later I play in Cologne again and we are no longer together, the family is also separated. And then I sing this song and I was really hard on my limits and just before crying I was trembling all over. The audience noticed that too. Now it’s getting easier for me. But it is still the case that this emotion is still super strong. It also came up during the video shoot, so the tears are not easy to fake.


It was like I was in there in that emo. But many artists have that in general. Whether you are acting or singing, you always immerse yourself in this emotion, but it is no longer so painful and can no longer roll over you so blatantly after a while.

How long have you been together? And did you get a reaction from him to the song?
I don’t know if he heard the song. We are no longer in contact. We were together for almost three years and he separated from me relatively unexpectedly. It was such a night and foggy action and I didn’t know what happened at all and he didn’t really explain to me what was going on and why he split up.

There was very long radio silence and he initially avoided questions, which is why it was so difficult for me to cope with the separation when the essentials had been clarified, i.e. what we do with the apartment. We lived together. Then there was a vacation together: how do we take care of it and after that, when everything was cleared, there was total radio silence and loss of contact. So I don’t know if he heard the song. I don’t know when he hears him, whether he knows that it is about him and us, even if the actual message is: “Ey, it’s okay not to be strong sometimes and sometimes to be sad and desperate. That is part of it, you have to leave room for every emotion. No idea whether he hears it, knows it and what he says about it.

Do you have the feeling, if you wanted to get to know men now, that your popularity will make the whole thing difficult?
Difficult question. Well, I do not know. Somehow I have the feeling that it doesn’t make it difficult, but I haven’t hit any hot dates so far that I could really rate it. Now I can not really say anything about it, because I am just not yet on the rum data. Sure, I always get to know people, sometimes even a man, but it took me a very long time to distance myself from the old relationship and process it, so that I was somehow interested in another man in the meantime.


Can you remember your craziest fan experience?
They keep doing weird, weird things. They are all crazy, the jazzy and owl fans, but in a super positive way. There is a video of what they edited, which is somehow nine minutes backed up with audios, where they left me all the messages they always wanted to tell me. I thought that was super super cute.

There was a girl who wrote a song for my birthday and performed it on camera. I thought that was super cute too. There are always fans who live in Austria and are friends with fans who live here in Dresden or Leipzig. They then ensure that the Austrians can come to the Meet & Greets or to a convention where I start, and then I am surprised by fans that I would otherwise not see.


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