Oliver Pocher is definitely not a child of sadness. He is feared by many celebrities because of his pointy tongue. But now the comedian apparently has to take it himself. And by a man who never sticks with his opinion behind the mountain. Jochen Llambi, the well-known juror of “Let’s Dance”, has now given a lot of information about Pocher. Will Oliver find Jürgen Llambi’s attack funny?

Star juror Joachim Llambi has been feared by the candidates for “Let’s Dance” for many years. Because the strict juror is also known for his pointed tongue. And now Llambi could show his skills on a different terrain. In the show “Pocher – dangerous dangerous honest” Llambi showed his skills as a stand-up comedian. And it was there that Pocher of all people chose to be the victim of his jokes. Especially the participation of Oliver Pocher in “Let’s Dance” pulled Llambi tremendously through the cocoa. Would you like a taste? “Of course, I didn’t make friends with ‘Lets Dance’ when I openly and honestly rated Olli’s ‘Dances’. Should I have been lying? I mean, what the Pocher has partially danced had something to do with a broken femoral neck with ‘I have to do Pippi’, Llambi opened his attack against Pocher.

And Llambi continues to ride hard on Pocher’s performance in “Let’s Dance”. “I always thought to myself: is he dancing now or is he being chased by a wasp? His Disco Fox didn’t look like a Disco Fox, but more like an intestinal colic. The Olli dances so bad when he has to dance his name, the Walddorf pupils think, his name is Roswitha. ”But Joachim Llambi was not the only one who poked his tanking skills. The weight problems and Pocher’s small height also came up in the show. “The Pocher thinks he is the tallest. He can go up and down under my living room table. He can’t get his head up there, ”teased the dance expert. “You have changed quite a bit. Let it say diplomatically: You have obviously become a bit more present. In other words, summer is 15 kilos too early for you. ”It will be interesting to see whether Oliver Pocher will soon prepare a return carriage for Llambi’s cheeky appearance on his show.



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