New experience at a train station

Writer Donna Leon (77) is adapting her latest work to the current corona pandemic. She quickly rewrote her latest crime thriller about Commisasario Guido Brunetti. The US writer told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that the Covid break was so huge that it could not be ignored.

That is why in her 30th case, her Venetian investigator experienced the pandemic up close: "Brunetti shrinks in front of a train station full of tourists." However, since this situation will no longer be correct in 2023, she wants to describe the experience as a memory. "Now he avoids the train station because all the tourists have disappeared and it is so strange to him," explains Leon, adding: "To this day, there is not a single detail in my books about the time of the action, there are no references to political, ecological or historical events. Brunetti lives in a timeless bubble. ”But the Covid break is so huge that it cannot be ignored.

She herself experienced the corona pandemic in Switzerland, which she is happy about: "I am 77 years old and do not want to be in a country where people my age are exposed to such high risks."

The 30th Brunetti thriller is scheduled to appear next year.



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