Last year was really not an easy one for Jörg Pilawa – his daughter received a health shock diagnosis. The Pilawa family had to worry for a long time, now there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel!

It was a shock when Jörg Pilawa heard the diagnosis for his daughter – rheumatism at the age of 8! Now Jörg Pilawa spoke in an interview about the shock, the chances of recovery and the course. Fortunately, the little Nova is already making good progress, as Pilawa reported. We were lucky that we discovered the disease quickly and that it was stopped very early. She is doing well, she is largely pain-free and has no restrictions, ”says the moderator in an interview with“ Freizeitwoche ”.

The tricky thing about rheumatism is that nobody can really tell how the disease is going. It can actually disappear completely, but it can also become massively worse, as Pilawa emphasizes. Already at the age of two the little girl had to struggle with the subject, she hardly ever got out of bed, was always tearful, luckily the rheumatism was recognized and improvement began! But now the student has her suffering under control. Even so good that the cortisone can be stopped. “Fridays are still syringe days, so let's sneak out now and see what happens next. It may have healed. But it may also be that the next boost comes. We'll have to wait and see, ”explains the Hamburger cautiously. First of all, the joy over the improvement outweighs the fingers crossed for the Little Nova!



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