She did it again! New photo of Beatrice popped up! That was probably not her plan – or was it? With an exciting bust flash, Beatrice is once again causing a stir in the net and among her fans! You know sexy pictures of Beatrice, but she certainly wasn't expecting this picture to cause such a sensation!

Actually it should be a harmless greeting to your fans, with a winning smile Beatrice turns to her fans and just wants to make them happy, but the fans notice something completely different – an unwanted deep insight into Beatrice's cleavage! The picture quickly becomes a hit and the comments pile up! (You can find the picture on page 2 of the report). Not the first picture of Beatrice Egli naked or at least showing a lot of naked skin!

Both the nice greeting and the unwanted insight delight the fans and the positive comments are piling up again! The singer likes to rely on the sexy factor, especially in her stage outfits. But her wonderfully cheerful and sympathetic nature is clearly always in the foreground. Nevertheless, with this picture she causes a physical sensation again!



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