Capital: € 5.5 million
Age: 39
Born: 09/12/1980
Country of origin: Plettenberg
Source of wealth: Moderator, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2022

Short introduction

Jean Pierre “JP” Krämer is one of the best-known personalities in the German-speaking world when it comes to the topic of cars. He is a moderator of various formats, YouTubers and tuners with his own company. His popularity increased significantly with his own show “Die PS-Profis”. Today JP is the best-known YouTuber in the scene and is a popular testimonial for various car manufacturers.

Early life

Jean Pierre Krämer grew up in middle class in Dortmund, where he still lives today. After leaving school, he began training as an automotive salesman at Porsche AG and later became sales manager at Porschetuner 9ff. An affinity for the Porsche brand was already evident in early years. In 2007 JP and his then business partner Sidney Hoffmann ventured into self-employment and founded the tuning company “Five Star Performance GmbH” in Dortmund. The two quickly made a name for themselves and so in 2009 the TV production of Focus TV became aware of you. It enabled you to run your own show called “Die PS-Profis – more power from the pot” on DSF, later Sport1. Thanks to the new fame, JP’s career picked up more and more momentum.


JP’s career can be described as unique, at least in Germany. It is a very special achievement to expand such awareness over a period of more than ten years and to build a company step by step. With the beginning of his TV career, his tuning company “JP Performance” also benefited, which he separated from his business partner Sidney Hoffmann founded by the weekly air time. Even if the two behind the camera went their separate ways since 2012, they were still to be seen together on television in various formats for a few years. JP was also able to use the boost in an impressive way for business thanks to the TV presence. His YouTube channel is another pillar of his company with almost two million subscribers today. Furthermore, the very entertaining and personable JP is also active as an advertising medium for various car manufacturers and other products. At the end of 2017, JP even founded their own racing team for the ADAC GT Masters. Not surprisingly, he chose a Porsche 911 GT3 R as the vehicle.

Career highlights

2007: Opening of “Five Star Performance GmbH” with Sidney Hoffmann
2009: First own TV show “The PS professionals – more power from the pot” on DSF
2012: Opening of “JP Performance” and the YouTube channel of the same name
2016: Own comedy show “PS: I love you”
2017: Opening of his burger restaurant “Big Boost Burger by JP Performance”

Quotes from JP Krämer

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee and I don’t drink alcohol. Technology is my blasphemy. ”

“I talk to my customers very conscientiously – especially with very young customers, 70 percent are rejected. They want step nine right away, instead of slowly getting to grips with the matter. ”

“I think that e-mobility has a lot of advantages. However, if we changed completely, many suppliers would lose their jobs. ”

It becomes clear how deep JP is in the whole car. He not only deals with the topic on business, but also in private every free minute. However, he is very aware of his responsibility as an entrepreneur and public figure. He takes great care not only to bring his fans closer to enthusiasm for sound and performance, but also to use it responsibly.

Amazing facts

Jean Pierre Krämer operates a kind of entertainment area in an outbuilding of his company “JP Performance” with its own burger restaurant, lounge areas and a dynamometer. Here his fans have a unique opportunity to be very close to their idol and to experience a tuning company up close.

JP also sells its own fan articles and fashion under the name of its company.

JP is so popular with its fans not only because of its great technical knowledge, but also because of its iconic and Ruhrpott-style cheeky sayings. This honest and funny way even gave him his own comedy program. With this, he immediately filled large halls with many thousands of seats and delighted his audience.


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