Capital: € 500,000
Age: 27
Born: April 21, 1993
Country of origin: Germany
Source of wealth: Influencer / entertainment
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

Julian Claßen, who is represented on YouTube with his stage name “Julienco”, was born in Cologne in 1993 and is known as a German web video producer and influencer. Since 2014 he has been running his “Julienco” channel on YouTube, which mainly contains lifestyle videos. Here he lets his fans share in his life with his wife Bibi Claßen.

Early life

So he grew up in Cologne with several siblings and also went to school there. Both parents are primary school teachers. Already at high school he met his future wife Bianca Heinicke (real name), who was represented with her channel “BibisBeautyPalace” even before he started on YouTube.

After graduating from high school, he completed a voluntary social year in an old people’s home, which he however broke off. Then he began studying business administration in Siegen, which he also broke off and then dropped out of an apprenticeship as an insurance clerk. He still lives and works in Cologne.


Julienco founded his channel on July 27, 2014, his channel is now one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in German-speaking countries. In his videos he can often be seen with his wife, who appears as a guest in his videos. YouTubers usually like to keep a low profile about the sums earned. However, there are portals where this is estimated to be published. So you can guess how much revenue youTuber will generate.

Around 55 percent of the revenue goes to the operators of a YouTube channel.

It is estimated that there is a lot of income for Julian. It is assumed that he generates between 10,000 and 18,000 euros in income from his videos per month (less taxes).

A proud sum that he would hardly earn as an insurance salesman.

Career highlights

The main source of income for Julian is YouTube. While his wife Bibi was also represented in the charts with a single, Julian has had no musical success.

Despite his current wave of success on YouTube, Julian already seems to be concerned about his future after the YouTube period. He said in an interview that he could imagine working in a bank in the future because he had just studied business administration. He currently has three million fans on the Instagram platform, and his wife Bibi has four million.

His current highlights on his channel include so-called prank videos (videos in which someone is frightened or kidnapped). In his case, this mostly affects his wife Bibi.

Liked videos are funny videos as well as easily digestible entertainment.

Amazing facts

He married his long-time girlfriend Bianca Heinicke in September 2018. Only a month later in October their son was born.

In the videos of his wife Bianca, he gained his first experience as a YouTuber.

Both now have their own company and are under contract with an artist agency.

If they are seen in public, they can quickly discover and surround fans, and the police have often had to step in and control the situation.

He loves animals but cannot keep dogs, cats or birds because he is allergic to animal hair and feathers, so he keeps eight geckos at home.

Julian’s mother actually wanted to call him “Goswin Maria”, a name he would not be so happy about today. His mother also revealed that when he eats sweet things, he likes to use licorice. Otherwise, he prefers to eat salty snacks rather than sweet ones.

He even took part in “Wetten dass!” advertised because he could click songs with the ballpoint pen that his girlfriend Bibi could guess at the time. However, he did not dare to go to the live show, which is why he went to “Wetten dass!” has not occurred.

About himself he says that he likes to be forgetful, he constantly loses his cell phone and has to search for it. Once he found his cell phone in the fridge, a bit chilly.

He is also very stubborn, so his wife almost always has to apologize to him first.

Both got to know each other in the fifth grade at the gymnasium, but they were only a couple in the tenth grade. Some facts about his channel show that Julienco is a hardworking video producer and has already uploaded over 400 videos to his channel.

According to his own statement, he used to count his steps when he went home from school. He has often taken shampoos or similar items from hotels.

All videos were viewed and viewed a total of over a billion times, which is why he is one of the largest German-speaking YouTubers.

In the meantime (as of 2019) he has almost four million subscribers who regularly visit his channel and watch his videos.


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