Emotional reunion with the Osbourne family! Kelly Osbourne (35) shared a video on Instagram that shows her and her brother Jack (34) in an intimate hug. Rock musician Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter (71, “Ordinary Man”) was unable to see her family for a few weeks because she was suspected of being infected with the coronavirus. Now the 35-year-old got the test result and could breathe a sigh of relief – it was negative.

“OMG […] I was tested, I am Covid negative and I was finally able to hug my brother,” said Kelly Osbourne. “Unfortunately, I was exposed to the virus and showed symptoms, because my brother has MS and my father has Parkinson’s, I was told to get tested.” In the short clip, Brother Jack jokes Céline Dions (52 ) “My Heart Will Go On”.

Last month Kelly Osbourne visited her parents Ozzy and Sharon (67), but had to keep a safe distance and everyone was wearing masks. “Today I saw my parents for the first time in almost three weeks! Even if I couldn’t hug her … at this point I’ll take what I can get, ” the 35-year-old wrote on Instagram at the end of March for a photo that shows her all by the pool. “They are fine and for the time being they are alive and well. […] We will get through this together… ”, explained the moderator and singer.


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