Kerstin Ott spends a lot of time with her family during the corona lockdown and enjoys the time. In addition, she also works on new music, as the Schlager singer told “I am currently writing new songs.”

Like many other artists, almost all of Kerstin Ott’s performances have currently broken away. A completely new experience for the popular singer, as she explains: “Of course I miss it. I was usually around four days a week and in different cities. But I am not so stuck to this thought and do what takes me further at this moment. ”

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“I’m positive thinking”

Ott actually wanted to go on a big tour again this year, she was looking forward to that. Because all concerts were banned until August 31, their tour, which is planned for winter, is on the brink: “At the moment we still hope that my tour can start at the end of the year. But I personally think it will be difficult, ”Kerstin has to admit.

Nevertheless, she remains optimistic and, above all, realistic about the corona virus: “I am basically positive thinking, but I believe that we simply have to be patient and wait and see how the whole thing develops.”


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