Sold out in no time

In the course of the coronavirus pandemic, masks are mandatory in numerous countries and regions worldwide. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West (39, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians") knows how to make profitable use of this trend. On the website of her “SKIMS” laundry line, she has been offering face masks in various nude tones since Saturday – for around 7.40 euros a piece. Your concept seems to be working. After only a few hours, all copies were apparently sold out.

On Twitter , the wife of rapper Kanye West (42, "Runaway") turned to the disappointed fans who have so far been unable to get hold of any of the coveted products. There she wrote: "We are working with our local partner in LA to produce more as quickly as possible." The next batch should go on sale next week, says the entrepreneur. Kardashian West previously announced in her Instagram story that 10,000 copies should be donated to charities.



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