40 hours without food

Singer Ellie Goulding (33, "Love Me Like You Do") causes an sensation with an extreme fasting cure. She told the British "Mirror" that she doesn't eat anything for up to forty hours at a time. Instead, the British girl only consumes liquids, including plenty of water, coffee and tea.

"Fasting is safe and useful unless you are diabetic or have other health problems," the 33-year-old told the newspaper. She herself started with a twelve-hour fasting cure and worked her way up to forty hours. Fasting from time to time is "a great way to give the digestive system a break," says Goulding. It helps to keep blood sugar levels under control and to fight inflammation. These are "the mother of all health problems".

The singer's fans shouldn't have to worry, she said in an interview. Her fasting method has been approved by a doctor and she uses it very safely. How exactly? By taking “a targeted, nutritious eating day” before and after her extreme cure.



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