Clear announcement

For a few days now pop singer Michael Wendler (47, "Egal") and the current "Let's Dance" candidate Laura Müller (19) have been engaged. In an interview with RTL , the bride raves about the romantic proposal over the roofs of Cologne: "I wished it beautifully and was surprised that it was really more beautiful than I actually imagined." It was "the most beautiful" their “magic moment”. But further questions are open.

The couple's wedding is scheduled to take place in 2022 and will be accompanied by TV cameras. Therefore, the future bride is silent about what her name will be after the wedding. This will probably only be resolved in a document that is obviously planned: “I cannot anticipate everything. I'll get into trouble, ”says Müller. One thing is certain, Wendler is a stage name. Her future husband currently has the surname Norberg, like his ex Claudia. His birth name is Skowronek. Another possibility: the Wendler takes on her last name, Müller.

On another topic, Laura Müller has a clear announcement ready: “There will be no marriage contract. That is already certain. "

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