“My family is incredibly strong”

Austrian artist Lili Paul-Roncalli (21) is currently participating in the popular RTL show “Let’s Dance”. She is the youngest child of Bernhard Paul (72), director and co-founder of the world famous Circus Roncalli. Paul-Roncalli now explains to the broadcaster that in the difficult times of the corona crisis her thoughts are not only on the show.

“My family is incredibly strong and they try to support and distract me so that I don’t think too much about it,” says the 21-year-old. Because of the crisis, the family circus could not go on tour.

Even if she can’t appear in the ring, the 21-year-old continues to entertain people. According to current RTL information, yesterday, Friday evening (April 24), 4.37 million viewers watched Paul-Roncalli whirl across the dance floor in “Let’s Dance” ( also available on TVNow ).

The celebrity dancer spends the corona crisis with her parents every evening, according to a report by the broadcaster, in which her father also speaks. However, keep a distance to protect her family. Bernhard Paul explains: “There are few hugs during this time.”

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