Successor to Hens found

Germany has a new queen of celebrity dancers: Lili Paul-Roncalli (22) secured the title in a final that has never existed in this form before. On the one hand, the dancing level of the hip-swinging stars was at a rarely high level thanks to the artist, Luca Hänni (25, “Diamant”) and sports climber Moritz Hans (24), and on the other hand, the studio audience – with the exception of a few friends and family members – stay out because of the Corona crisis – as you have been used to from the past episodes of the current season 13.

First, the jury trio of Joachim Llambi (55), Motsi Mabuse (39) and Jorge González (52) – who literally wore a spectacular hair picture frame on their heads – announced that in the grand finale the remaining celebrities would be much tougher Candidates want to go to court.

However, this announcement had a marginal impact on the ratings. Already in the first round, in which the dance couples were to perform dances selected by the jury, the highest rating was awarded several times. Both Paul-Roncalli and Hans made the jurors rave.

Only Hänni and his dance partner Christina Luft (30) made a small mistake, but were still able to collect 27 excellent points. Her performance was nevertheless a blast, not only for friends of cultivated dance entertainment. Before their first performance, Hänni and Luft fooled fan speculation that the Swiss singer might have separated from his girlfriend because of his dance partner. It is not without reason that Mabuse mentioned the “erotic atmosphere” of the salsa of the two. The rumor mill is likely to boil again.

It was foreseeable that Hans, Hänni and Paul-Roncalli would also perform excellently on their respective favorite dances and so the subsequent appearances of the finalists were a pleasure for fans. Again, however, Hänni fell slightly short of the jury’s expectations.

While Hans with his partner Renata Lusin (32) and González ‘”Chili-Lili” with Massimo Sinató (39) again each cleared 30 points, Hänni again only got 27 points. Llambi explained that the singer now urgently had to “deliver” and that he could not understand why Hänni made “these poo mistakes”. “You danced great for ordinary people,” said Daniel Hartwich (41), who moderated with Victoria Swarovski (26) as usual. If only he had orientated himself with Hans, who delivered probably the best Charleston in the “Let’s Dance” story.

Meanwhile, a successful side program was also ensured. First there was a reunion with Steffi Jones (47), Sabrina Setlur (46), Laura Müller (19), John Kelly (53) and the other previously eliminated candidates, later Mabuse and her husband Evgenij Voznyuk whirled to the sounds of Pietro Lombardis (27) Song “Kiegerherz” on the dance floor, which he performed live.

In their three-minute freestyles, the celebrities once again showed why they had made it to the final before the decision. Especially with Hänni and Luft, after her last dance, all the tension – and maybe also frustration – was released. This time they scored the highest number of points, but Paul-Roncalli and Hans again held out against it with 30 points each. The freestyle of the Austrian artist even wrote history for Mabuse.

At that point it was clear that Hänni would not win after the first two rounds. Between Hans and Paul-Roncalli, however, everything was still open before the audience calls were evaluated. In the end, Lili Paul-Roncalli was awarded the contract. This makes her “Dancing Star 2024” and the direct successor to ex-handball player Pascal “Pommes” Hens (40), who was victorious in the previous season.

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