Capital: € 2 million
Age: 43
Born: 06/25/1976
Country of origin: Netherlands
Source of wealth: Model
Last updated: 2024

Short introduction

She was born under the real name Sharlely “Lilly” Becker-Kerssenberg on June 25, 1976 in Rotterdam: Lilly Becker. Lilly Becker is actually a Dutch model, but she also became known to a German and international audience when she married Boris Becker. Lilly Becker was married to the well-known tennis star from June 12, 2009 to May 2018.

Early life

Lilly Becker’s father is Swiss, the mother is originally from Suriname. Unfortunately, Lilly Becker lost her parents in a car accident in 1979, when Lilly Kerssenberg was just three years old. She grew up as an orphan with her sister with her grandparents, then later with her uncle and aunt in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where she attended secondary school. Lilly Becker made her first attempt to enter the model industry and gain a foothold there in 1992, but the application was rejected by the Italian model scout. Lilly Becker later worked for a time in a casino in London and Tel Aviv. From 1999 Lilly Becker lived in Miami Beach, where she initially worked as a bartender and hostess. There she met the US media entrepreneur and lawyer Michael R. Bermann in 2003, whom she married in 2003. The couple were married until 2008.


Lilly Becker, who was now working as a model, met Boris Becker during the separation phase when he and his family celebrated his son’s birthday from his first marriage in 2005 in the pizzeria in Miami Beach. At that time Lilly lived in the same house called “Murano Grande”, in which Boris Becker also stayed during his separation phase. A short time later, Lilly Becker moved into Boris Becker’s apartment, which he owned on Lake Zurich in the Wollishofen district. After Boris Becker had a two-month relationship with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Boris Becker returned to Lilly Becker in August 2008. In the Wetten, dass ..? – broadcast on February 28, 2009 Boris Becker Lilly made a public marriage proposal. The dream wedding then took place on June 12, 2009 in the Swiss noble town of St. Moritz and already on February 10, 2010 came the joint Son Amadeus to the world. The couple separated in May 2018 after several years of marriage.

Career highlights

Due to her high level of awareness through the marriage to Boris Becker, Lilly Becker was and is increasingly invited to shows on German television. So in 2014 she was Gadt’s Let’s Dance / Season 7 and started there with Erich Klann. A little later in 2016, Lilly Becker Gaste was at Grill den Henssler, Paarduell, Das ProSieben away game and The Big Music Quiz. In 2017 she appeared on The Story of My Life, Global Gladiators, Circus HalliGalli and The Taste. While she only appeared as a guest at Celebrity Shopping Queen in 2018, Lilly Becker could look forward to appearances in Celebrity Dart, Stars in the Mirror in 2019 – Tell me how I am and also Celebrity Shopping Queen. In 2024 there will be appearances on Who can, who can! and am i smarter than …? with Oliver Pocher.

Famous quotes

To be spiritual doesn’t mean to always be positive. Fuck off as I balance my energies.

Do you think of me sometimes?

Sometimes I feel like I’m bipolar.

2017 changed me. 2018 tried to destroy me. I opened my eyes in 2019 and will return in 2024. So if that’s not made for me, who is it for? all Lilly Becker

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Amazing facts

Lilly Becker lost her parents, a Swiss and an African, in a traffic accident at the tender age of three. She then grew up with her sister among various members of her relatives.

With a height of 175 cm, Lilly Becker has just the right length to start as a model. Add to that her very slim figure and the interesting face, which makes Lilly Becker a popular photo model for many labels.

Lilly Becker tries to keep her son with Boris Becker, Amadeus, largely out of the public eye so that he can grow up undisturbed by the media hype. Boris Becker supports her because his children are very important to him.


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