Superstar Lily Allen (34) is not a big fan of social media: For the singer, most accounts on Instagram & Co. are an embellishment in which people only present the glamorous, positive things in life to the outside world.

It doesn’t have much to do with truthfulness, authenticity and reality. That’s exactly what the singer is about in her songs.

In search of truthfulness

That’s why she thinks, “My albums are the opposite of Instagram, I think, where you try to show people the best part of your life, make them jealous, or be their friend. My art is anti-Instagram. ”

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Needs affirmation

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That explains the singer to “BBC’s Mastertapes Guide to Writing the Perfect Song”. It is important for her that she likes her songs herself and not just write them to please the public.

“In the beginning I wanted to write songs that people like. Now I’m writing songs that I like, ”says the musician.

“You have to feel connected to your music. If that’s not the case, what’s the point of it anyway? “(Bang)


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