Sexy and confident: Hardly anyone embodies body positivity as tough and curvy as rapper Lizzo (32). Therefore, the plus-size beauty likes to show up in extra-tight outfits. Today: in the Pankini.

You heard right. The pankini (composed of pandemic and bikini) is the corona version of the sexy one-piece and consists of panty, top, mask and gloves.

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Welcome to summer 2023

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Self love with humor!

Lizzos Pankini is the “Pineapple” model from the label Thick by Robyn for the equivalent of 160 euros. Needless to say, the sexy five-piece sold out pretty quickly after the Insta Post.

“Welcome to Summer 2023” is the title of the hot Pool Post. In addition, she posted a video in which the musician demonstrated the twerking suitability of the fumbling – but without a mask.

In addition to corona protection, there was of course also a lot of body positivity: “Look at yourself in the mirror,” Lizzo wrote to her post. “This body is your summer body.”

With her XXL self-confidence and the noisy fight against eternal body drawer thinking, Lizzo has become an absolute leader of the body positivity movement.

Particularly nice: Lizzo spices every extra portion of self-love with just the right dash of humor!


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