The approximately 1500 glaciers in Switzerland have lost in comparison to September last year to 1.4 billion cubic meters, or 2.5 percent ice. The masses of ice had been lost to a great extent, reported by the Academy of Sciences, Switzerland.

Only in the very snow rich Winter, had prevented an even more dramatic development, it said. Overall, the glaciers would have lost in ten years, one-fifth of its volume.

The development was remarkable, because after the last Winter part of a record snow depths measured were in the Academy.

87 percent of the days never below the Zero degree mark

In the Canton of Valais had the glacier to the beginning of the melting period had up to 70 percent more snow than the average of past years. In certain valleys, at the same time was so much snow, as is to be expected only every 70 years. By the end of March was above 2000 meters, up to twice as much snow as in previous years, this time of year.

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The summer half-year from April to September in Switzerland, by far the warmest since measurements began in the middle of the 19 threatened. Century have been, writes the Academy. On the 2540 meters high Weissfluhjoch, the temperature had fallen in the summer months, approximately 87 percent of the days never below the Zero degree mark.

Although single events can never be sure on the global warming. The long-term Trend is clear.

scientists believe that snow and ice is disappearing in the Alps until the end of the century. Already in the year 2015, they had warned of the Shrinking of the glaciers in the Alps, in Switzerland. In 2016, the ice has recovered in the meantime, due to the cold summer, the General Trend, but it changed nothing.



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