Reunion with Marcellino Kremers (27): Two years after his participation in the dome show “Love Island”, he is now trying with “Match!” Celebrities on Dating Course ”(RTLzwei, May 4th at 8:15 pm) a new approach to love. He talks about dream women, one-night stands and his buddy Tobi Wegener (27) in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Marcellino: It is relatively easy to see from this question that I do not necessarily know the exact reason for it … (laughs). However, there are some factors in my life that could play a role and make it difficult to get to know my “dream woman”, such as “being in public”.

Marcellino: Not very difficult. The difficult part usually follows only when you want to expand the encounters.

Marcellino: No, I’ve never tried online dating. I think I’m too old-fashioned for that.

Marcellino: Twice. But also in two very different ways. I believe in love. I feel and feel it very much and also think that there is such a thing as the love of life.

Marcellino: The first thing I pay attention to is charisma. I don’t have a certain type of woman. At the end of the day, the heart and the character matter.

Marcellino: Loyalty, loyalty, they should know compassion and at least bring similar values that I also represent.

Marcellino: Lies and a fake (rehearsed) way. Overacting turns off a lot.

Marcellino: Nothing at all and I have no experience with it.

Marcellino: Definitely. I definitely wish for a dream wedding and children. Ideally two children.

Marcellino: Yes, we are in contact and have a good friendship privately.

Marcellino: If time permits – definitely! It’s always cool to see someone you know personally on TV.

Marcellino: We are in this industry and now, among other things, it has become part of our lives to be present on TV. As long as the formats suit me, I am happy to accept them.

Marcellino: I like to live in the here and now. Everything I have experienced so far, whether professionally or privately, has arisen from a simple, unpredictable opportunity without a strict plan. I am 27 years old and still have some energy to take with me what my future holds for me.


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