Lukashenko hinted at the origin of the coronavirus:

After that, Lukashenko suggested to ponder another question – did any of his fellow heads of state to use the coronavirus and psychosis for their own purposes. “Who should” and “who have used” – these are the main questions. “Someone announced that this is a war we need “yellow jackets” return from the streets, somewhere to collapse,” – said the Belarusian leader.

someone should be elections, and he intends to “turn, twist”. “Joking with fire” – so ended his speech Lukashenka, making subtle reference to the American leader.

Earlier BelTA reported that Lukashenko in his speech before the workers bragged that his son continues to go to school, despite the pandemic. However, he admits that there are people who try to “chipout”, and increasing the psychosis. Such people are caught. “And the so-called opposition is trying to use it against the government,” – said Lukashenko.

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