In the Federal Republic of Germany, the fight against the coronavirus is now based on wearing face masks in many federal states. Due to the shortage of materials for respiratory masks on the market, self-sewn mouth-nose masks are of course also recommended. But you should definitely do without material for the production.

Now that some of the measures taken have been eased after the infection curve has flattened, it is now primarily about the behavior of the citizens whether the curve continues to flatten despite the easing. That is why it is now important that people continue to wash their hands thoroughly, keep their distance from other people and now wear a mouth guard in public to further limit the spread of the coronavirus. Since it is not so easy to find a face mask, you can also make it yourself. There are numerous useful instructions on the Internet on how to make a functional protective mask. But be careful, not all tips are really beneficial for your own health.

A makeshift protective mask can be made from old material scraps in just a few minutes. Although this does not protect the wearer from infection because it is not really virus-proof, the idea behind the use of protective masks is different anyway. Wearing the protective mask is intended to prevent the wearer of the mask from leaving viruses in the area through the droplets from the mouth and nose, which could later lead to smear infections in other people. The more people wear a protective mask, the less viruses can spread.

If you want to make a mask yourself, you will find a lot of instructions and useful tips on the Internet. But be careful, not everything that is recommended is really worth recommending. For example, makeshift masks that use parts of vacuum cleaner bags are absolutely not a good idea. The drugstore dm now expressly warns against processing vacuum cleaner bags into protective masks. The filter bags of vacuum cleaners are sprinkled with an antibacterial powder. This chemical would get into the human body if used as a respirator. This can lead to lung problems or indigestion. For this reason, you should definitely avoid vacuum cleaner bags when manufacturing the protective masks.


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