In the current crisis surrounding the corona virus, things got a little quiet around singer Matthias Reim. But now a message from the private life of the singer is known, which has it all. Did Matthias Reim's young partner even provide the singer with a baby ultimatum?

Although there is a big age difference with Matthias Reim (62) and partner Christin Stark (30), the couple has been happy for years. But now the singer's partner seems to be feeling a strong desire to have children. And Matthias Reim, who already has 6 children from different relationships, must now think about whether he wants to become a father for the 7th time in his life. Reim had already finished with this topic: “I definitely don't need it myself anymore. Something in me cries out, 'For heaven's sake'. ”But:“ On the other hand, I love my partner, and she has knocked every now and then whether I really couldn't imagine a child. ”So his partner's desire to have children seems to be expressed to be strong. It's no wonder that Matthias is now thinking about it and that he wants to fulfill the wish of the woman by his side. "I can't deny her what I've experienced five or six times," says the singer. Now the question arises as to what prompted the singer to change his mind. Was it your own insight or did your partner provide him with a baby ultimatum? Perhaps this question can be answered if the couple actually have sweet baby news to announce in the near future.



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