Dua Lipa was long afraid to write happy songs. As the 24-year-old singer reveals to the “GQ” magazine, she explored completely new territory with her new album “Future Nostalgia”.

When asked what she learned during the process, the “New Rules” interpreter replied: “Don’t be afraid of my own emotions.”

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“Sometimes it’s scary”

“This album is a lot happier than the first. I thought for a long time that I could only write music that was sad or that had sad meaning behind it. I thought it wasn’t very cool to write a happy pop song. ”

As a result, however, they risked losing their authenticity. “I had to break out of this mindset and do something that was honest and made me happy. And I think it made me happy to get out of my comfort zone and talk about very personal things, ”says the musician.

Source: instagram.com

It was not easy for her to present herself so vulnerably in her songs. “Sometimes it is scary to make your personal experiences public,” admits the British.

“But I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to feel and share my emotions or my vulnerability. That doesn’t make me weak. I consider it more of a strength. ”(Bang)


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