Today everyone is dancing. Home. On the balcony. In your own garden. Under the shower. On the living room couch. Always solo! 2022 will go down in the history of pop culture, when balcony concerts virtually experienced their breakthrough on a broad front.

At the forefront: the guys from voXXclub, the ultimate grand masters in terms of joie de vivre and movement through music. For weeks, life has primarily been going on behind the doors of the apartment. Inside. Because outside Covid19 is up to mischief.

Together instead of lonely

"A everyone" is a South American super hit sung in Bavarian dialect, which in every living room, on every balcony gets the calves rusted by the prescribed staying at home again.

Motto: Together instead of lonely. Cohesion at a distance. All sing and bounce for themselves and yet are connected to each other. The video shows how to do it. Visually, the motivational instructions for "A everyone" via YouTube are highly recommended.


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