Eleven years after the procedure

The moderator Monica Lierhaus (49, “Our future is now”) regretted her brain surgery around eleven years ago. In an interview with the magazine “Bunte”, Lierhaus explains that she would no longer lie under the knife today: “If I had known what was going to happen to me, I probably would not have had the aneurysm removed.” But the doctors would have given her that “They told me that one day I might fall dead.”

However, complications occurred during the procedure. “It was just bad luck that I had a kind of short circuit in my brain during this operation,” said Lierhaus. After the 2009 incident, she was in a coma for four months, suffered severe brain damage, and struggled back to life. To this day, she has to deal with the consequences every day. Although she is doing well according to the circumstances, she also “no longer dreams of walking down the stairs freehand”. That is unrealistic.

Her left hand was still deaf, so she had to live with it. But there are also positive things to report about her state of health: “I haven’t fallen for a long time, the last time half a year ago,” says Lierhaus. Her sense of balance is stable and she can also stand up again if she falls. Her chronic back pain has meanwhile also improved due to regular morning exercises.

However, her body is still under current: “I can not sit longer than two hours”. Then she had to go or lay on her side. Incidentally, she no longer has any contact with her former partner and fiance Rolf Hellgardt. The two separated in spring 2015. She currently lives as a single, but is not lonely. She does not think much about a new love: “I do not shut myself off, but I do not search either.”



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