A week ago Sarah Lombardi released her new song “Te Amo Mi Amor” and is currently stirring the advertising drum properly. She gets support from her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi, who did a little dance with her on TikTok.

Who would have thought that Sarah and Pietro Lombardi reunited. Together they dance the choreography from Sarah’s new music video and seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Afterwards they sat together for a chat in the garden, after all it was Father’s Day on Thursday and the two have their son Alessio (4).

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Can she make it into the top 10?

Despite all the ups and downs, the two still stick together, because in his Instagram story Pietro says optimistically: “Ms. Lombardi, the charts will come tomorrow. I think she makes the top 10. ”

So it remains to be seen whether this small dance performance was enough to give the 27-year-old a top 10 hit …


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